July 26, 2011

Kindle a Love for E-Reading

Last November, I joined the ranks of e-book readers.  My unread books still wait for my return, hoping that some day I'll give up on the electronic wonder and return to the tactile pleasures of a hardback or paperback book.  Not to say I've only read digital books since November, but that's almost true.

I took my time, researching the Kindle, the Nook, and the IPad before selecting the Kindle.  I absolutely love it.  Why did I choose Kindle?  I like to read outdoors.  The other e-readers didn't provide that ability. The IPad tempted me with all of its extras, but I wanted a device for reading books.  I didn't want something that provided alternatives to one of my favorite pastimes--reading.

I can vouch for the fact that you CAN read your Kindle outdoors, and, if you buy the cover with a light, you can read in just about any lighting.  I've only found one place where I couldn't read the screen--under a red cabana at the beach.  It happened by accident.  The lifeguard gave our blue cabana to someone else and stuck us with the red one.  The sunlight through the red cloth rendered my Kindle screen impossible to read, but I couldn't read my Droid screen or a magazine, either, thanks to the red infusion.

I LOVE my Kindle:  it's lightweight, thousands of books lurk just beyond my fingertips waiting to be downloaded, and I can get new releases immediately downloaded to my Kindle.  How fantastic is that?

If I complain about anything, it's the loss of excursions to the bookstore.  Since childhood, bookstores have tantalized me with the promise of many worlds to explore.  I can't browse the e-bookstore the same way.  A point a fellow writing friend of mine pointed out in her blog a few weeks ago.

I think e-readers are here to stay.  Have you succumbed or are you a hold-out for the pages of a book?